More than 50% of US college graduates, regardless of their majors, are likely to work in sales at some point. But of the over 4,000 colleges in this country, less than 100 have sales programs or even sales courses, and of the more than 170,000 students who earn MBAs annually, only a tiny fraction learn anything about sales
— Harvard Business Review


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We are passionate about your success and that of the companies we serve. To join our elite hiring marketplace and sales community, candidates go through a rigorous application process. To date,10% of applicants have been accepted into our sales training and job placement programs. 

Here's How It's Going

91% Placement.png

Of our graduates have landed a stellar sales job. (we know how to identify top talent)

93 NPS.png

Net Promoter Score of our students experience in the two-week program. (yes, they loved it)

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The combined salary earned by our alumni. (our grads earn competitive salaries)


Our goal is to provide companies with a platform that allows them to hire the best sales talent.  Through our marketplace approach, it has led to companies finding the best people, for their organization.

Our Results

The number of Victory Lap candidates that are diverse hires for our employer partners (a diverse team is a winning team)

91% Placement.png

Current 6 month retention rate of the 59 alumni at this stage (our marketplace hiring approach works) 

45+ Employers.png

The total number of employers who have hired from us. (all types and sizes of companies)


What Is Victory Lap?

Victory Lap is a two sided hiring marketplace specializing in sales.  Our proprietary model integrates talent acquisition with professional development in order for sales professionals and our employer partners to find the perfect fit at the right time. 



Join Victory Lap's talent community to better develop your sales career.


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