Victory Lap Launches to Help Employers and Young Professionals Alike

Imagine a world where entry-level sales hires arrive with a baseline set of skills, behaviors, and tools, prepared to make an instant revenue and cultural impact. How would your company be different? How would your own success be different? Victory Lap created a program that finds, qualifies, and trains young professionals in sales, helping employers hire quality entry-level talent, faster. Our free intensive sales training program coaches young professionals on the key skills and behaviors necessary to be ready to sell on their first day of a new job. But, Victory Lap goes further. After the training is complete, we help young professionals land their next job and supply employers with trained sales individuals.

For Employers

Finding, hiring, and training entry-level sales candidates is incredibly difficult. There isn’t a good place to search for them, training on “how to sell” takes too much time, and turnover is costly, ranging from 30%-50% of the first year salary. Victory Lap provides you with two options to combat these issues. You have the ability to hire directly from our diverse pool of well-trained candidates, or you can send us your new hires, and we’ll take care of the training for you.

For Young Professionals

It’s not exactly easy to thrive early in your sales career. 34,000 graduates start a job in sales, despite only 4% of U.S. colleges and universities offering any type of sales course. This leaves many individuals unqualified, unskilled, and unprepared for a career path that will provide personal, professional, and financial wealth. So, whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first sales job, a young sales professional looking for a better opportunity, or an individual working in something other than sales but want to make the transition, Victory Lap was designed for you.

With our first training class beginning on October 3rdand with several consecutive training classes scheduled, we are at the beginning of a long, fun journey to create a more ideal world for Chicago’s sales community. Join us on this journey, and see how you can participate: To young professionals and employers, we can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to the day you choose Victory Lap, where better is possible.

Brian E. Bar | Founder, Victory Lap