Heather B.

Former Professional Dancer

"Thanks to Victory Lap, I have gained so much more confidence and respect for what sales truly is. Victory Lap is incredibly helpful in teaching individuals the necessary sales skills, instilling confidence in them on a daily basis, and preparing them to be successful in their sales career. If I didn't have Victory Lap, my process of learning sales, finding a job, and landing an entry-level role would have taken an extra five months, if not more. Victory Lap has given me the knowledge and power to go out and land a job faster. Brian is an amazing teacher who created a classroom where I was comfortable at all times, and because of him, I'd totally recommend Victory Lap to everyone."

Shaud B.jpg


Former Gymnastics Coach

"My experience working with the Victory Lap team and guest instructors was more than amazing. Everyone is so experienced in their field that you learn so much, more than you would just from doing research online or reading a book. One of the most rewarding parts of Victory Lap was definitely the connections I made with my class. We are all different, yet the same in the sense that we joined Victory Lap for a similar reason. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap to someone who’s seeking a sales position. Whether you are completely new to sales or have experience, the things you learn at Victory Lap are unattainable anywhere else. If I could describe Victory Lap in one word, it would be rewarding. The application process is very rigorous, the course is extensive, and the live calls can be trying at times, but once you make it through everything, you realize how beneficial it all is. I’m very happy I found Victory Lap at the time I did, and was so grateful to be accepted. I’m a very big believer in 'everything happens for a reason,' and I know that after going through Victory Lap, I will be much more successful, not just in sales, but life in general."


Former Bartender

"As far as growth is concerned, having a better understanding of what sales is, what it isn't, and where you can take it helped me grow immensely both personally and professional throughout the Victory Lap program. I learned so much from Brian, Elle, and all of the guest instructors, which is why the actual sales training and live selling aspect of the program was the most rewarding part. The guest instructors would always tell us that they wish they had something like Victory Lap when they were first starting out. If anything, that shows me just how prepared we are to enter into a sales role. This program gave me a deeper understanding of the necessary sales skills, while providing me with the knowledge to succeed. Victory Lap is a great opportunity to learn about sales and land a great job, which is why I'd absolutely recommend it to everyone. Thanks to Victory Lap, I always felt valued throughout the program. It's motivational, and it gives you that extra boost of confidence that you need in order to succeed."


Former Marketer

"Thanks to the Victory Lap program, I was able to fully realize my own sales capabilities, and grow in my confidence to successfully execute those in a professional setting. Overall, Victory Lap provides a really great support network in order for you to be successful. From sales professionals who offer sound advice, to individuals who offer to help you prepare for your interviews, you have multiple powerful people around you who have worked in the sales industry for many years. Without a doubt, the best part of Victory Lap for me was realizing that I could succeed in sales, and do it really well. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap for a variety of reasons. Not only are you provided with an elite network filled with continuous support, but you gain access to amazing employer partners, and a training that works for individuals with or without sales experience. The best word to describe Victory Lap is jumpstart. It's a jumpstart into sales, and a jumpstart into landing a great and strong sales job."

Evan E.

Former Educator

"Victory Lap is a game changer. The engaging material, the guest instructors, the mentors, and everything in between allowed me to gain knowledge about sales that I never had before. I am confident that I will be successful in my new sales role, and that I have the opportunity to move up the ladder faster, all thanks to Victory Lap. I would recommend the program to anybody seeking a sales role, as Brian's expertise and passion alone make Victory Lap worthwhile. Add on everything else they offer? You get something really special."



Former Creative Director

"Victory Lap allowed me to grow personally and professionally through a variety of ways. From introspection within group and personal exercises, in addition to taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, I’m now excited to propel myself into a sales career. The live sales calls opened my eyes, and helped me learn to trust myself and my sales skills. The most rewarding part of Victory Lap was the mentorship from Brian, Elle, and Kevin, as they taught me not to sell myself short, and to be more confident in my abilities. It was also very rewarding to be surrounded by such bright and talented people in our sales group “The Lucky 7,” as we helped each other throughout the program, wanted the absolute best for one another, and formed lasting connections and friendships with each other. Victory Lap is life changing, and the program is truly invaluable. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge, and seeing how comfortable they are within their roles inspired me to want to become a better sales professional. Above all, I gained so much confidence from their teachings, and became so much more comfortable with sales as time went on."