Phil K.

"Victory Lap gave me a better understanding of what sales truly is, while educating me on the necessary fundamentals to succeed. The structured training, combined with the process and methodology behind sales itself, provided me with a view of the industry I never received in my past experiences. I am now comfortable and confident in my sales abilities, and understand that, at its core, sales is helping people - not just selling to them. From Brian and Elle to all of the guest instructors, the Victory Lap curriculum allowed us to gain a better understanding of the sales industry from people who truly care. I would absolutely recommend Victory Lap, as it gives you exposure to the real world, a large network of individuals to connect with, and builds confidence you never thought possible. Victory Lap is powerful. If you come in with the right mindset, attitude, and intention, it really can change your trajectory for the better."

Erthel O.

"Thanks to the Victory Lap program, I was able to fully realize my own sales capabilities, and grow in my confidence to successfully execute those in a professional setting. Overall, Victory Lap provides a really great support network in order for you to be successful. From sales professionals who offer sound advice, to individuals who offer to help you prepare for your interviews, you have multiple powerful people around you who have worked in the sales industry for many years. Without a doubt, the best part of Victory Lap for me was realizing that I could succeed in sales, and do it really well. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap for a variety of reasons. Not only are you provided with an elite network filled with continuous support, but you gain access to amazing employer partners, and a training that works for individuals with or without sales experience. The best word to describe Victory Lap is jumpstart. It's a jumpstart into sales, and a jumpstart into landing a great and strong sales job."

Brad W.

"As far as growth is concerned, having a better understanding of what sales is, what it isn't, and where you can take it helped me grow immensely both personally and professional throughout the Victory Lap program. I learned so much from Brian, Elle, and all of the guest instructors, which is why the actual sales training and live selling aspect of the program was the most rewarding part. The guest instructors would always tell us that they wish they had something like Victory Lap when they were first starting out. If anything, that shows me just how prepared we are to enter into a sales role. This program gave me a deeper understanding of the necessary sales skills, while providing me with the knowledge to succeed. Victory Lap is a great opportunity to learn about sales and land a great job, which is why I'd absolutely recommend it to everyone. Thanks to Victory Lap, I always felt valued throughout the program. It's motivational, and it gives you that extra boost of confidence that you need in order to succeed."

Henry H.

"Going into Victory Lap with no sales experience whatsoever, I was pretty raw. In just two weeks, the amount of confidence I built, and the amount of progress I made in sales is truly incredible to see. Not just learning the necessary fundamentals, but getting the live practice that Victory Lap offers really is the best way to dive into sales. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and I can't wait for this confidence and education to transfer over into my sales role. With many thanks to the Victory Lap program, I know that I'll land a job that I'm not only happy in, but that I'll be paired with the right manager and the right team, all to help me succeed. Brian and all of the guest instructors were an integral part of my experience, and were accessible both in the group and in one-on-one settings. I would 100% recommend Victory Lap, because it is by far the best training you can get. It's rewarding in so many ways, because it creates a confidence in you going forward. Victory Lap and the sales industry personally enriches you, where you know you'll just keep getting better and better with every step you take."

Justin S.

"Victory Lap not only provided me with a large amount of experience, but it allowed me to be much more prepared for a sales role. On your first couple weeks at a new job, you have those butterflies in your stomach all the time. Thanks to Victory Lap for getting me a few weeks ahead of everyone else, I feel like I get to skip those first couple weeks of nervousness. The program and curriculum was awesome, and it allowed me to expand my network to Chicago's top sales professionals, who are all extremely excited to help you succeed. The guest instructors were particularly great, as it was special to learn from people who haven't just done sales before, but people who are currently doing in the world that we're living in now. They made their presentations extremely relatable, which gave us a better idea of what to expect. Individuals go into sales with no idea about what it is or how it works, which is why I've already recommended Victory Lap to my various networks. With how productive Victory Lap is, and with how much they helped me, I was able to better myself and receive necessary experience in the sales world."