benefits and Pricing

pricing For job candidates:

If you accept a role within Victory Lap's employer network, our program is tuition free. If you accept a role outside Victory Lap's employer network, our program will cost a percentage of your base salary.

pricing For Employers:

Victory Lap provides a cost-effective solution to your hiring or training needs. Tap into our vast knowledge in preparing first time sales representatives for success.

benefits for job candidates:

  • Learn How to Sell: Two intensive weeks of instruction, practice, and assignments all focused on preparing you to succeed in your first sales role while also developing this essential business skill.
  • Perfect Practice Makes Perfect: Apply the learnings in a safe place where failure is expected, and receive instant feedback helping you develop and hone key skills quickly.

  • No Job Searching: We network and set up interviews for you with awesome companies ready to hire trained sales professionals.

  • Executive Coaching: Victory Lap's Founder will hold weekly office hours to discuss how things are going in your new job, and provide assistance when needed.
  • Monthly Meet Up: Each graduating class will have a monthly networking meet up to share successes and challenges in their new roles.

benefits for EMPLOYERs:

  • Hire Quality Talent: Your entry-level sales representative will be skilled in key sales fundamentals necessary for success at your company.
  • Maximize New Hire Training: Focus more on culture expectations, competitors, and product knowledge instead of basic sales skills.

  • Cost and Time Savings: Reduce time spent on candidate reviews, and minimize budget for job boards and postings.

  • Reduce Turnover: Ensure your hiring managers are spending time with the most prepared candidates who want a career in sales and are motivated to succeed.