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Where Is Each Class Located?

Chicago, IL. More specifically, River North at the ReviewTrackers office space. When the weather is nice, we should expect to enjoy it and have class outside. Also, like any good professor would, there will be a lecture or two over a round of beers at a bar. 

Who Will Be Teaching the Class?

An experienced and well-rounded team. Victory Lap's founder, Brian Bar, will lead a lot of the lessons with Directors, VP's, and Sales Trainers from Chicago's leading companies taking the others. 

What Will I Learn?

  • Problem solving, active listening, assertiveness, and empathy. All things our companies need to develop into top performers.
  • Insight into the sales profession, including myths, challenges, realities, and rewards.
  • How to generate qualified meetings through different prospecting techniques, call cadence, and understanding of buy behavior.
  • What process the buyers have when making a purchase decision.
  • How to create and execute a sales process using consultative and challenger methodologies.
  • Key tactics, including closing, negotiating, and objection handling.
  • And yes...much, much more!

Will I Definitely Be Accepted into the Program?

The application process is highly selective so not every applicant will be accepted. We are committed to ensuring Victory Lap sales reps are of the highest quality.

Should I Apply If I Don't Have Sales Experience? What If I Do? 

Victory Lap is geared to be a prime resource for those with 0-3 years of sales experience. So if you do not have experience, Victory Lap will help you get the quality training to put on your resume and use in your interviews to help you land a great job. If you do have experience, we promise you that there's still more to learn! If you want a really good sales training and a leg up in the interview process with awesome Chicago companies, then definitely apply! 

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