We've spent years teaching people how to sell and have designed the optimal experience to help you learn this skill and achieve early success in your career.

Here's How it Works: 

1. Apply 

We understand sales may not be for everyone. We will have a brief phone screening to ensure that your goals align with Victory Lap's objectives. Fill out the request form and we will follow up with you shortly after. 

2. Learn and Prepare

Put 100% effort and focus into each day, and we promise that you'll leave ready to tackle a variety of sales roles.  You'll also receive some great materials to help you in your journey ahead.

3. Get Hired

Our classes will help you write a great resume, prep for interviews, and land a great job. 

4. Thrive

Receive tools and materials to help you succeed in your new role.  Stay connected for future learning and networking opportunities. 

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1. Know how to sell.
Selling means being able to convey why your product or service, which may be you if you are looking for a job, will make things better. Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping.
— Mark Cuban: 6 Things You Need to Be Great in Business