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Nick G.

"Since completing Victory Lap, I have become so much more connected and involved in the sales industry. Through networking events and remarkable guest instructors, I have gained the insight into what it takes to become a success story in sales. The relationships formed throughout this program are priceless. From my peers in the classroom to the sales leaders that introduced new concepts during our training, the network we have all joined and are now a part of is remarkable. The guidance the Victory Lap team offers is endless, and they truly set me up for success. I gained a clear mindset on where sales can take me, and how to overcome obstacles throughout my career. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap, because they groom you with the knowledge you need to understand how the industry ticks, and a chance to put it all to practice. If you go through this program, you will come out ready to hit the ground running in your new position within their employer network. In the end, Victory Lap is a successful springboard into sales. I am confident that I can take the knowledge gained, and apply it to my future career, becoming a rockstar for a lifetime."

Norman E.

"Victory Lap allowed me to grow personally and professionally through a variety of ways. From introspection within group and personal exercises, in addition to taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, I’m now excited to propel myself into a sales career. The live sales calls opened my eyes, and helped me learn to trust myself and my sales skills. The most rewarding part of Victory Lap was the mentorship from Brian, Elle, and Kevin, as they taught me not to sell myself short, and to be more confident in my abilities. It was also very rewarding to be surrounded by such bright and talented people in our sales group “The Lucky 7,” as we helped each other throughout the program, wanted the absolute best for one another, and formed lasting connections and friendships with each other. Victory Lap is life changing, and the program is truly invaluable. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge, and seeing how comfortable they are within their roles inspired me to want to become a better sales professional. Above all, I gained so much confidence from their teachings, and became so much more comfortable with sales as time went on.

Annette L.

"To say that Victory Lap gave me a thorough understanding of sales is an understatement. Learning each step of the consultative sales process developed me both professionally and personally, as I learned just as much about myself as I did about the sales career. For me, the most rewarding part of the program was forming relationships with people who share my values and who are just as passionate to create a successful future as I am. The Victory Lap team, as well as the guest instructors, is what made my experience so memorable. The knowledge and advice that they shared will allow us to successfully progress in our career paths, all while growing in confidence in doing so. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap to people who are seeking a sales position, and those who are eager to learn about the entire sales process. If I could describe Victory Lap in one word, it would be collaboration. Each day was filled with knowledge and advice, but the open communication and feedback is what made the program so great. It gave us a chance to learn from each other, and to truly grow both personally and professionally.

Michael U.

"Victory Lap helped open my eyes to the many possibilities available in a career in sales. It made me feel incredibly prepared for my first sales role, and especially prepared for the interview process beforehand. I now feel supremely confident selling both myself and my motivations. The most rewarding part of Victory Lap was hearing from many diverse industry leaders, and getting multiple perspectives regarding strategies that make salespeople successful. The Victory Lap team was exceptional in their sincere effort to make us successful. Specifically, learning from their wealth of experience has given us a leg up going into our sales roles, and extremely valuable resources to lean on going forward. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge, but I gained access to a network of support filled with people who truly care about my future success. I would recommend Victory Lap to anyone seeking a sales position, but especially someone without sales experience. Most importantly, I think we all left with greater confidence about what to expect in the sales industry. Victory Lap is a close-knit, supportive, developmental program. The small class size in conjunction with the intensive schedule made relationships form quickly and allowed the group to advance and improve even faster."

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Shaud B.

"My experience working with the Victory Lap team and guest instructors was more than amazing. Everyone is so experienced in their field that you learn so much, more than you would just from doing research online or reading a book. One of the most rewarding parts of Victory Lap was definitely the connections I made with my class. We are all different, yet the same in the sense that we joined Victory Lap for a similar reason. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap to someone who’s seeking a sales position. Whether you are completely new to sales or have experience, the things you learn at Victory Lap are unattainable anywhere else. If I could describe Victory Lap in one word, it would be rewarding. The application process is very rigorous, the course is extensive, and the live calls can be trying at times, but once you make it through everything, you realize how beneficial it all is. I’m very happy I found Victory Lap at the time I did, and was so grateful to be accepted. I’m a very big believer in 'everything happens for a reason,' and I know that after going through Victory Lap, I will be much more successful, not just in sales, but life in general."

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Teresa G.

"Victory Lap provided me with an amazing community both inside and outside of the classroom. The successful sales professionals that Victory Lap brings in truly inspire you to reach new growths and heights in your career. Because of going through Victory Lap, I see myself continuing to strive in my career and will never again just go through the motions. I now have the knowledge to make me the most efficient sales professional in an organization. Thanks to Victory Lap, I have gained friends and a network that I am extremely grateful for. I will continue to surround myself with people who are smarter than myself in order to keep me on top of my game. The guest instructors were extremely informative, not just about the sales process, but also about the sales attitude and motivation one must continually chase after. I would recommend Victory Lap to anyone, as it is such a confident booster and provider additional (necessary) knowledge! It’s simple: Victory Lap is a game changer. It’s an intense but manageable introduction to anyone who has wanted to take their current career and life to the next level.

Justin D.jpg

Justin D.

"Thanks to Victory Lap, I have grown to be comfortable in an atmosphere and industry that I had little knowledge about. While I was initially nervous to go through the program, I quickly realized that everyone was there to better themselves across the board. The most rewarding part of Victory Lap was getting lectures from top tier sales professionals in the area, as their success motivated every single one of us. My experience with working with the Victory Lap team was one of a kind. If I ever have a problem or question either immediately or in the future, they will always be there to support me. Additionally, the knowledge that I gained from their teachings is undeniably phenomenal. Not only would I recommend Victory Lap to an individual seeking a career in sales, but I’d also recommend it to someone that has already had a career in sales. Victory Lap truly is a lifetime opportunity, because with this training, I know I have what it takes to be extremely successful in this career.