Katherine M.

"The insight I gained by completing the Victory Lap program, which is driven by passionate and qualified individuals, is something I'll take with me throughout the rest of my sales career. Not only did it help narrow my career focus, but it allowed me to gain personal confidence, all while understanding myself better than ever before. Being able to participate in the live selling environment was by far one of the most rewarding parts, as nobody gets that type of experience prior to their first sales role. I know that I'll not only be successful in my next role, but I'll be on a better path toward establishing myself as a strong sales professional. Brian, the guest instructors, and the mentors showed me one thing: Victory Lap is filled with genuinely good people who sincerely want to help develop you into the best salesperson you can be. I now have such a solid grasp on the sales fundamentals, that I would 100% recommend Victory Lap to anyone seeking a sales position."

Sean P.

"As someone with prior sales experience, I wasn't sure what to expect when I chose to participate in the Victory Lap program. However, completing the program was one of the best things I could have done to further my sales career. I learned so much in just two weeks, including many things I never knew before. Both personally and professionally, I know that I will be successful because of Victory Lap. The best part of Victory Lap was simply being a part of the program. All of it, including hearing from people with different background and sales techniques, participating in live selling, and learning how to build my career, allowed me to gain knowledge that I will take with me in both my personal and professional endeavors. I've already recommended Victory Lap to my network, and I can't wait to continue to do so. At its core, Victory Lap is victory...it's as simple as that."

Mark L.

"I always knew I wanted to be a salesperson and, in many ways, I felt as though I had the 'intangible' personality to do so. However, once I heard about the Victory Lap program, I realized that I needed more than just that. I needed the necessary skills and education on the sales fundamentals in order to be successful. The Victory Lap program allowed me to better myself, better my sales skills, and better my confidence all in a matter of just two weeks. From the first week of learning sales fundamentals, to the second week of breaking through the barrier and putting everything we learned into practice, your skills are really put to the test. During college, people get into the mindset that they need to jump into the real world without even considering the difficult transition. Things are changing, and having a transition piece in place, especially for the sales community, is a necessary aspect to the college-to-sales career pipeline. Victory Lap is that perfect transition piece. When I think Victory Lap, I think of things like inspiring, motivating, confidence, and knowledge. I want to get one perfect word to explain it, but it truly is a mixture of everything. It's a mixture of everything that makes it undeniably perfect."

Mesfin M.

"I came into Victory Lap with no sales experience, and I can't believe how much I've grown. Because of the program, I learned so many necessary and vital sales skills in order to be successful, which truly makes the growth I've experienced tremendous. We were constantly learning from a variety of individuals who truly are the best of the best. One of my favorite aspects to the program was how personalized everything was. The one-on-one time we received, in addition to the personal touches we put on the sales process were undeniably helpful. It actually became a theme throughout the class where each instructor would say, 'This is what I do, and this is what works for me. You'll quickly find what works for you.' I can say that I've found my voice, and I've found my personal touch. In so many ways, Victory Lap truly is that 'fast pass' to landing an amazing sales job. The employers know and trust the Victory Lap program, and rest assured that they're going to land somebody ready to jump in and sell. All of that being said, I'm comfortable saying that Victory Lap is perfect in every single way."

Katie M.

"Because of Victory Lap, I've been pushed out of my comfort zone and encouraged to think about my future. Victory Lap provided the necessary support to think outside the box, the necessary advice on what things I need to do in order to accomplish my personal and professional goals, and the necessary steps I need to take in order to be the best possible salesperson moving forward. One of the best parts of Victory Lap, and one of the many parts I truly loved, was meeting six other amazing individuals who had the same mindset as me. The collaboration between the seven job candidates, in addition to Brian, Elle, Kevin, and all of the guest instructors, was a unique opportunity that nobody else receives. It never really felt like a teacher-student dichotomy, more like a mentor-mentee, where someone really wants to see your success and will help you accomplish it. By far, Victory Lap is the best type of head start that anyone can get in the sales industry. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone seeking a sales position."

Paul C.

"Victory Lap has helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally. By learning the various facets of the sales industry, in addition to the simplicity of helping others, I see myself being successful in sales. In fact, that's probably one of the biggest things I'll take away from Victory Lap...that sales isn't cramming something into a consumers mind, but it's helping people realize that the product or service being sold can help them in more ways than one. Because of this education and realization, my perception of sales changed for the better after completing Victory Lap. I now see what an honorable position salespeople hold, and that as long as you are doing good, the sale will be that way, too. I picked up amazing habits from Victory Lap, and I would 110% recommend it to anyone seeking a sales position. Not only will you form an amazing sales foundation to build upon, but you will form it with an amazing team of instructors around you, supporting it along the way. Victory Lap is a lot of things, but in my mind, it's productive. You get out of it what you put in, and now I can't wait to jumpstart my sales career."

Anthony B.

"Over the course of the Victory Lap program, I was able to be more collaborative than ever before. Not only is the Victory Lap team amazing, but the individuals they choose for the class are also unique and special in their own way. Being a team player, interacting with like-minded individuals on a daily basis was right up my alley. Additionally, the great environment established by Brian, the guest instructors, and the office space added to the overall experience. Victory Lap is a new, fresh, socially conscious company that works tirelessly to make sure every single candidate is as successful as possible. Because of that, I would absolutely recommend Victory Lap to anyone else seeking a sales position. In the end, it's simple...Victory Lap is a two week crash course to greatness. The company has established themselves as a place where everyone will be challenged intellectually, yet rewarded equally. I am ready and eager to go out on my interviews and land my sales job, where I'll be more than ready to jump in and sell."