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Nick G.

Former Retail Sales Professional

"Since completing Victory Lap, I have become so much more connected and involved in the sales industry. Through networking events and remarkable guest instructors, I have gained the insight into what it takes to become a success story in sales. The relationships formed throughout this program are priceless. From my peers in the classroom to the sales leaders that introduced new concepts during our training, the network we have all joined and are now a part of is remarkable. The guidance the Victory Lap team offers is endless, and they truly set me up for success. I gained a clear mindset on where sales can take me, and how to overcome obstacles throughout my career. I would definitely recommend Victory Lap, because they groom you with the knowledge you need to understand how the industry ticks, and a chance to put it all to practice. If you go through this program, you will come out ready to hit the ground running in your new position within their employer network. In the end, Victory Lap is a successful springboard into sales. I am confident that I can take the knowledge gained, and apply it to my future career, becoming a rockstar for a lifetime."

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Teresa G.

Former B2C Sales Professional

"Victory Lap provided me with an amazing community both inside and outside of the classroom. The successful sales professionals that Victory Lap brings in truly inspire you to reach new growths and heights in your career. Because of going through Victory Lap, I see myself continuing to strive in my career and will never again just go through the motions. I now have the knowledge to make me the most efficient sales professional in an organization. Thanks to Victory Lap, I have gained friends and a network that I am extremely grateful for. I will continue to surround myself with people who are smarter than myself in order to keep me on top of my game. The guest instructors were extremely informative, not just about the sales process, but also about the sales attitude and motivation one must continually chase after. I would recommend Victory Lap to anyone, as it is such a confident booster and provider additional (necessary) knowledge! It’s simple: Victory Lap is a game changer. It’s an intense but manageable introduction to anyone who has wanted to take their current career and life to the next level."


Former Retail Sales Professional

"As someone with prior sales experience, I wasn't sure what to expect when I chose to participate in the Victory Lap program. However, completing the program was one of the best things I could have done to further my sales career. I learned so much in just two weeks, including many things I never knew before. Both personally and professionally, I know that I will be successful because of Victory Lap. The best part of Victory Lap was simply being a part of the program. All of it, including hearing from people with different background and sales techniques, participating in live selling, and learning how to build my career, allowed me to gain knowledge that I will take with me in both my personal and professional endeavors. I've already recommended Victory Lap to my network, and I can't wait to continue to do so. At its core, Victory Lap is victory...it's as simple as that."


Former B2C Sales Professional

"Because of Victory Lap, my confidence is through the roof. I feel so much more prepared going into the interview and hiring process than before, and I know that I will be successful in my next role. Victory Lap singlehandedly changed the way I felt about the sales industry, because they instilled a motivation and confidence in me going forward. It gives you the necessary tools to go into your next role feeling excited and prepared to further your career. It was so much fun, and honestly, I learned more in two weeks than I did in six months at my last sales job. I would definitely recommend it."

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Former Logistics Professional

"I can't imagine going into my next sales role without completing this program first. Not only do I feel more comfortable with the entire sales process, but I am confident that three months down the line, I will be much better off than someone who hasn't gone through the Victory Lap program. Everyone who participated in Victory Lap improved drastically from day one, and I am so thankful for going through the process. Anyone seeking a sales position should highly consider the Victory Lap program, as it completely transforms you from start to finish."