We designed a curriculum to teach you how to be successful in sales.

We took our experience training over 500 entry-level sales reps and narrowed it down into the ideal mix of instruction, discussion, practice, and yes.. homework.

What Students Will Receive:

  • 40+ hours of sales instruction, training, hands on support. 
  • Continuous feedback on key fundamentals to help set you apart - You'll develop skills that every sales manager needs their people to have, yet many don't. 
  • Clear understanding and expectations of a entry level sales job. Learn directly from experienced sales leaders on the difference between mediocre and great sales people.  
  • Brand building techniques, interview preparation, and support throughout the interview process and beyond
  • Interviews and job opportunities with a list of quality employers upon completion of training
  • 12-Month Performance Playbook to expedite success with your new employer
  • Instant access to like-minded professionals with planned networking events for Victory Lap alumni

Students can choose from two tracks to best accommodate their schedules: 


Full Time

2 Weeks


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

 Part Time

4 Weeks


5:30PM - 8:30PM