Heather B.

"Thanks to Victory Lap, I have gained so much more confidence and respect for what sales truly is. Victory Lap is incredibly helpful in teaching individuals the necessary sales skills, instilling confidence in them on a daily basis, and preparing them to be successful in their sales career. If I didn't have Victory Lap, my process of learning sales, finding a job, and landing an entry-level role would have taken an extra five months, if not more. Victory Lap has given me the knowledge and power to go out and land a job faster. Brian is an amazing teacher who created a classroom where I was comfortable at all times, and because of him, I'd totally recommend Victory Lap to everyone."

Aaron Z.

"I can't imagine going into my next sales role without completing this program first. Not only do I feel more comfortable with the entire sales process, but I am confident that three months down the line, I will be much better off than someone who hasn't gone through the Victory Lap program. Everyone who participated in Victory Lap improved drastically from day one, and I am so thankful for going through the process. Anyone seeking a sales position should highly consider the Victory Lap program, as it completely transforms you from start to finish."

Kelsey G.

"Because of Victory Lap, my confidence is through the roof. I feel so much more prepared going into the interview and hiring process than before, and I know that I will be successful in my next role. Victory Lap singlehandedly changed the way I felt about the sales industry, because they instilled a motivation and confidence in me going forward. It gives you the necessary tools to go into your next role feeling excited and prepared to further your career. It was so much fun, and honestly, I learned more in two weeks than I did in six months at my last sales job. I would definitely recommend it."

Evan E.

"Victory Lap is a game changer. The engaging material, the guest instructors, the mentors, and everything in between allowed me to gain knowledge about sales that I never had before. I am confident that I will be successful in my new sales role, and that I have the opportunity to move up the ladder faster, all thanks to Victory Lap. I would recommend the program to anybody seeking a sales role, as Brian's expertise and passion alone make Victory Lap worthwhile. Add on everything else they offer? You get something really special."


Kate K.

"Before Victory Lap, I would describe myself as a lost puppy. However, in just two weeks, Victory Lap managed to transform me into a lion, where I am extremely confident and excited to take on my next role. There are so many words to describe Victory Lap, but I think inspirational captures it the best. It was very inspirational to connect, interact, and network with the absolute best sales leaders across Chicago. Going forward, I look forward to achieving and exceeding all of my goals, both personally and professionally, and applying everything I learned through Victory Lap to my next sales job. Choosing to go through the Victory Lap program is a no-brainer. I would (and already have) recommended it to everyone."

Andy G.

"After going through Victory Lap, I am confident that I am a more effective salesperson. There are many little details and nuisances within the program that help teach individuals how to begin in the sales process. Other than learning the range of sales fundamentals, one of the best things Victory Lap offers is the live selling feature. Learning the material, and then applying it in a live environment allowed us to practice our skills until they were as close to perfect as possible. I'd recommend Victory Lap to the recent graduate or the young professional with a few years of experience, because both parties will benefit heavily."