Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Colleen O'Rourke


Why did you decide to apply to and join Victory Lap?

I applied to Victory Lap because I was ready for a change in my career. I had gone to countless interviews and made it to the final step in their process, but for some reason, I wasn't landing the job. I felt that I was qualified for these positions, but I didn't know how to express my qualifications during my interviews. I decided to join Victory Lap because I wanted help properly showcasing my skills during interviews, and I wanted to start a career that was in line with my passion for sales.

What was the most valuable skill that you learned during your time at Victory Lap?

I'm so happy that Victory Lap taught us how to handle objections. Something that I come across nearly every day in my job is an objection to my company's brilliant product. The way you handle objections has a heavy impact on your ability to make your sales quotas and your ability to build rapport with potential clients. Victory Lap coached me on how to handle objections which has led me to make more meetings than I would have if I didn't have that training. 

How did Victory Lap best prepare you for success in your current role?

My job consists of prospecting, reaching the right professionals, and setting a meeting with key decision makers. Victory Lap showed me a variety of ways to conduct each of these steps. Understanding the finer details of each stage has helped me so much in my career by teaching me how to ask better questions to get better answers. Knowing how to ask more effective questions opened my eyes and enabled me to think about situations differently-- i.e. 5+5=10, but so does 6+4.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to future applicants?

The effort you put into this program is exactly what you're going to get out of it. If you put forth one hundred percent of your effort every single day, will get one hundred percent back. Everyone at Victory Lap wants to see you succeed; work hard and be your best self and I guarantee that you will find success.

How would you describe your time at Victory Lap?

Victory Lap went above and beyond my expectations. I had the best introduction to sales training. During my time in Victory Lap's bootcamp, I was excited to go to class each day because I knew I was learning valuable information that would allow me to prosper in my career.