Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Eshaan Bhatnagar


How did you find out about Victory Lap?

As I was completing my final semester in college, I was tirelessly looking for sales jobs through all channels. I noticed the Victory Lap program on LinkedIn and I thought I should absolutely apply and see what happens. Next thing I knew I was on a call with Kevin and filling out application questions for the program.

How has Victory Lap impacted your career path?

For an individual who had no prior sales experience, Victory Lap had a massive impact on my career path. I always knew I wanted to challenge myself and not be stuck in a monotonous role. This is where Victory Lap gave me the confidence to challenge myself and continually strive for success. From starting as a Business Development Representative (BDR) and being promoted to an Account Executive (AE), I have constantly reminded myself of the lessons that Brian, Kevin, and the instructors at Victory Lap taught me.

What was the most valuable skill you learned during your time at Victory Lap?

One of the absolute most valuable skills that I learned during my time at Victory Lap was the ability to "hustle." Often times, our modern day world allows us to become extremely complacent. However, when you are surrounded by individuals like Brian, Kevin, my fellow classmates, you realize how much everyone grinds and hustles. To date, when I reach a point when I don’t want to make another call or send a proposal, I think to myself of the lessons I learned at Victory Lap and remind myself that I am a hustler.

What was your favorite part about your time as a Victory Lap candidate?

One of my favorite things about the Victory Lap experience was the intimacy throughout the learning process. I learn best through activities, having interactions, completing role plays and asking tons of questions. Brian, Kevin and all of the instructors at Victory Lap have so much knowledge to share with the candidates, and being in a learning environment with them was a privilege. It’s almost like Victory Lap is  the ultimate "cheat sheet" to succeeding in a sales career.

What advice would you give to future Victory Lap applicants?

I would describe my time at Victory Lap as one of the best learning experiences. From learning sales techniques, to meeting new people, to connecting with professionals and making cold calls for the first time in my life – everything was just so incredible. There is a saying that "children are like sponges." My advice? Be a child, be a sponge. The amount of knowledge there is to soak up during the two-week boot camp is absolutely amazing. As a candidate you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of bright and qualified people, all while learning from instructors with impeccable experience – make full use of that.

Also, be sure to jump out of your comfort zone. I promise you there is so much excitement and opportunity when you do take that extra step.