Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Lexy Burton


Why did you decide to go through the Victory Lap bootcamp?

I had the opportunity to go through Victory Lap a few weeks after I graduated from DePauw University. At that time I was really teetering with what type of job I wanted to pursue post-grad. I realized I could drown in student loans for a few years while I figured it out, or I could pursue a career in sales, a profession that had a lot of financial promise. At the end of the day, I made the decision to go through Victory Lap because I didn’t want to be 10 years into a career and think, 'What if I had pursued sales?'

Did you always think you'd be in sales? Why? What made you change your mind?

No. I never would have seen myself in sales without Victory Lap. I thought sales only equated to numbers, statistics, corporations, car salesmen, retail etc. To me, that wasn’t appealing nor did it correlate with my passions. I changed my mind about sales when I realized curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving were some of the driving forces behind a successful career in sales.

What is your favorite Victory Lap memory?

Spending time with my cohort during our week of cold-calling was probably my favorite memory. That week really brought us closer as a team! One day we were all having a horrible time on the phones and another candidate surprised us all with delicious donuts to lift our spirits mid-afternoon. At that moment I realized sales not only drives individual hustle and hard work but it also promotes team camaraderie. 

How has Victory Lap impacted your career path?

Victory Lap has only positively impacted my career. Being a candidate grew my professional network and also helped me prepare for interviews. Victory Lap also introduced me to Sprout Social, and for that, I am forever grateful. At Sprout, I have found a team that supports my sales development and challenges me to strive for success every day, whether that is professionally or personally.

What was your favorite part about your time as a Victory Lap candidate?

Believe it or not, I really enjoyed being in the classroom and cold-calling. I learned a lot from just listening to other sales professionals talk about their experiences and sharing advice. I also loved being on the phones because it gave me a more holistic picture of what a career in sales would be like day-to-day. I learned in both settings that sales isn’t only about reaching out to people to sell a service or a product, but rather reaching out to someone and offering a solution to help their business.

How did Victory Lap help you grow as a professional?

I remember Brian saying on the first day, "when you leave this program we want you to have a toolbox filled with tools that will set you up for a successful career in sales." I remember thinking, 'Woah, that is a big promise. How could two weeks set me up for long-term success?' However, my time at Victory Lap not only gave me knowledge about the industry, but it also taught me how to leverage and refine skills I already had before starting the program. With "the tools in my toolbox" and support from the Victory Lap team, I have seen success early on in my career. Three months into my role at Sprout Social I received the MVP award for our Business Development team.

How would you describe your time at Victory Lap?

My time at Victory Lap was transformative. I not only learned a lot about sales but I learned a great deal about myself. Victory Lap gave me the confidence to jump into a career in sales when everyone else questioned if it was the right career fit. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience and I highly recommend the program to anyone who is questioning a career in sales or exploring it as an option.