Alumni Spotlight: Q&A with Emily Ward


What was the most valuable skill that you learned during your time at Victory Lap?

The best thing that I learned at Victory Lap was how to be comfortable jumping into uncomfortable situations. Being fearless and taking that "leap into the unknown" is a huge part of my current role. Being unafraid to "make the ask" is a crucial skill that Victory Lap allowed me to develop. Sometimes it's scary to dive into the unknown, but because of the Victory Lap program, I felt like I had a solid sales foundation which allowed me to feel comfortable pursuing leads and ultimately, "making the ask."

How did Victory Lap best prepare you for success in your current role?

From conducting my first cold call to closing a deal, Victory Lap truly taught me everything I know about sales. I think Victory Lap gave me a definite advantage, especially when starting out as an entry-level salesperson in a startup. In a startup, things happen so quickly. But despite that rapid change, I felt confident in my sales knowledge. It was that confidence that allowed me to walk into work feeling assured and prepared. Even during my first months in my role, I was able to use my Victory Lap knowledge to help other new salespeople grow with me.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to future applicants?

Trust the process! I remember being so worried about finding the right role and right fit for me in the sales world. But Victory Lap truly prepares you to be a good employee and a great salesperson. There are great sales roles out there for everyone and Victory Lap will help you find your best fit, too.

How would you describe your time at Victory Lap?

My time at Victory Lap was fun, intense, and educational. I remember coming home exhausted from all that I had learned during the class sessions. Between the various Victory Lap events, the guest speakers, and interview opportunities, my cohort and I grew very close. I left with new friends and an incredible network of professionals who share a common love for Victory Lap. Without a doubt, I know that these are some friendships and professional connections that I'll have forever.