#SalesTipTuesday: How to Answer the Most Pivotal Question in Sales


As Victory Lap's sales community continues to grow, we are excited to introduce our weekly segment, titled #SalesTipTuesday. Every Tuesday, we will provide you with a new sales tip in both video and written format. It is our hope that you benefit from these tips in your day-to-day job.

This week, Victory Lap would like to focus on a question that everybody gets from a customer at one of the most pivotal points in the conversation (when you’re trying to establish interest, set the meeting, and advance the sales process). The question that comes up, especially if you’re a startup company and lack brand equity in the market (or in general), is: "What Is Your Company?" and/or "What Does Your Company Do?"

Now, there are two ways to answer this question. The first way you can answer it is very literally. Example: Victory Lap is a sales training job placement program. However, the proper way to go about answering this question is to fully understand what the individual is trying to gather...especially if they've never heard of you. At this stage, it’s not really important for them to know what you do, it’s more important for them to know what makes you great. They want to know whether or not you're a credible service or product for them to actually consider wanting to learn more about.

So, how do you answer one of the most important sales questions that comes up on a daily basis? You start off with a milestone, an accomplishment, or some level of social proof that makes you a credible company. Once that is complete, then you can answer with a basic sense of what your product or service actually does.

For example, if someone said to me, "Hey Brian, so what’s Victory Lap?" I would start off by saying, "We've worked with over 100 companies in Chicago alone within our first 18-months, helping them hire curated and pre-trained sales talent."

In this example, the person asking the question won’t even remember what I said about what we do. Instead, they’ll remember the fact that we’ve already worked with over 100 companies within our first 18-months in business. That alone will usually be enough to advance the conversation, and allow it to move forward as we both see fit.


When asked the, "What Does Your Company Do?" question, don’t start off with what your product or service does. Begin with a milestone: the number of customers you have, how large your organization is, and/or a recent award or accomplishment. This will help establish credibility right off the bat, allowing you to have a more successful pitch of your actual product and service from there.

Brian Bar | Founder and CEO, Victory Lap