#SalesTipTuesday: How to Generate Pipeline Value Through Prospecting


One of Warren Buffett’s greatest pieces of investment advice is: don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Meaning? You don’t put all of your investments in one area...you diversify. That same piece of advice goes with prospecting. You don’t put all of your eggs in one prospecting channel, such as only calls or only emails. You want to diversify your prospecting efforts.

My tip for you this week is to run a 30-day audit of your prospecting activities. Analyze where you’ve been spending a lot of your time and effort, and investigate two key areas:

  1. How are your current prospecting channel(s) performing?

  2. Where else can you diversify your efforts over the next 30 days?

Compare, contrast, and run an analysis on what works best. From there, see how that can move the needle on your outbound activity into generating more pipeline value for you and your organization.

Brian Bar | Founder and CEO, Victory Lap

Brian Bar#SalesTipTuesday