#SalesTipTuesday: How to Hit Your Goals and End Q3 Strong


Happy #SalesTipTuesday, everyone! For this week, I want to focus on setting goals. We’re mid-month at this point, and we’re nearing the end of a quarter...so whether your goals are monthly or quarterly, you’re probably asking yourself, “How are my goals progressing?”

You’re looking at where your numbers are at versus where your numbers need to be, and are answering it in one of the following ways:

  • I’m doing great, have already hit my goal, or am on track to do so.

  • I’m doing alright, and still have a chance to hit my goal.

  • I’m definitely not where I need or want to be.

That said, the question I have for you this week is: how are you working reflection and evaluation into your process? I touched on this before, but so much of sales is go, go, go. How often are you actually reflecting on your past performance, and using that as a way to guide your future performance and behavior?

I’ve found that reflecting at the beginning of the week (Monday), in addition to the end of the week (Friday), are two of the best times to look holistically at your performance. If you’re early on in your career, or early on in a new role, you’re going to want to do that on a weekly basis. Why? Because you don’t want to be sitting mid-month wondering how you’re going to hit your goal, or sitting end of the quarter wondering where things went wrong.

It’s sounds intensive, but my advice for you this week is to block out 30 minutes on Mondays and Fridays for a goal review, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where am I at?

  • Where do I want to be?

  • What changes can I make next week?

By doing this, you’ll be better prepared to finish the month/quarter strong, and gain great momentum as you head into the remainder of 2018.

Brian Bar | Founder and CEO, Victory Lap

Brian Bar#SalesTipTuesday