Use Your Skill Set to Your Advantage

Sometimes it’s okay not to have a plan. You don’t have to force life to do things that are going to happen naturally anyway. If I had planned my life to a ‘T,’ I would not have had any of the experiences that I have made me into who I am today and would not have met some of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered. Not having a plan is okay, as long as you find your purpose in the process.

I had worked in the hospitality industry for most of my life; server, bartender, host, name it, I had done it all. I had always found a way to incorporate my marketing and public relations skills into my restaurant positions as a way to differentiate myself from the rest. This allowed me the opportunity to plan and develop events for the restaurants I worked for; help out on the back-end and reposition my skills for the bigger picture.

From there, I decided to take on passion projects in event planning: weddings, fashion shows, and pop-up bar concepts. I not only began to realize that my skill set was strengthening itself, but it was making me money in the process. Eventually, I decided that I needed more structure. No more late nights, no more lost weekends, and no more working holidays. And that’s where Victory Lap came in...

Victory Lap equipped me with the tools to not only land the job but to be successful in it once I finished training. I learned how to interview, how to prioritize tasks on the job, and how to fully understand each step of the sales cycle. The following are takeaways from the program that I am able to use in my current position and in life:

Sell Yourself First.

I went on about 100 interviews until I realized that interviewers don’t care about what you HAVE done, they want to know what you CAN do. I had no formal sales training before Victory Lap and landed 7 out of 10 interviews by rebranding my skills and capitalizing on them. If you don’t do a good job of showcasing your worth to a potential employer and conveying your skillset as it applies to the job, you will never be able to display the value proposition of a product or service.

Be Willing to Learn.

In my current position, I interview executives from all aspects of the building industry: real estate, construction, development, design, architecture, engineering...the list goes on. Not one of them had a clear vision of their path until they developed a skill that they were passionate about from a job they never even knew they wanted. Sales is a world filled with possibilities, take a chance and view every opportunity as an avenue to learn and grow. Take a risk, you never know what the pay off will be.

Never Let Doubt Win.

Being who you think people want you to be will never benefit you in the long run. In my current role, I watched three people with whom I started excel before I did, solely because I held myself back. I didn’t fully tap into my intuitive skills because I was afraid to show what came naturally to me. Once I started to be myself, the money started to roll in. I began speaking with executives as if they were friends and colleagues, similar to the rapport I had with my regulars from when I worked back in the hospitality industry. As a result, I started to trust myself more and built up my confidence.


Never let an excuse be the determining factor of your performance. If you are sick, work from home. If you are late, skip lunch or stay later to make up for the time. Sales is a cutthroat world, and I’m sorry to say, if you aren’t adaptable, natural selection will run its course and you will not evolve. Losing is a part of the game and it’s up to you to develop new strategies for the win. Train like an athlete, never give up, and NEVER take no for an answer.

So, long story short, do a little self-evaluation. Decide what skills you have to bring to the table and use that as a framework for your career hunt. Once you have the opportunity to showcase your worth on the job, take it. Don’t compromise yourself or your abilities to fit someone else’s mold, just be yourself and the rest will fall into place.


Norman Edwards | Content & Advertising Manager | Guerrero Media

Norman Edwards