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Hire, Train, and Retain Top Sales Talent

Hiring, training, and retaining top sales professionals is a problem every company faces. Through a combination of talent acquisition and intensive development, Victory Lap's Sales/Business Development Representatives are curated, trained, and ready to hire.

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Curated and Trained Talent

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Improved Productivity

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Build a Diverse Team

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Hire Our Candidates

Victory Lap finds, qualifies, and trains the top Sales/Business Development Representatives in Chicago. Interview and hire from our diverse talent community.

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Train Your Sales Team

Send your Sales/Business Development Representatives and Account Executives through Victory Lap's certification program, or take advantage of our on-site, custom training opportunity.


Join Our Community

We have built our reputation on being supportive and dedicated to the long-term success of our candidates and company partners.


<9% Program Acceptance Rate


>51% Diverse Candidate Pool


>80% 12-Month In- Network Retention Rate


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