Frequently Asked Questions


Why and when was Victory Lap Founded?  

Victory Lap was founded in late 2016 to solve for the unique career readiness needs of sales professionals, and the unique hiring needs of fast growing companies. Employers need a consistent pipeline of talented, diverse, trained sales professionals. Sales candidates need access to quality companies as well as the ability to improve their skill sets. We offer candidates programs to “level-up” client engagement skills, and empower candidates to have transparent access to a broad network of dynamic, growing employers.


Is Victory Lap a Recruiting Company?

We do not consider ourselves a traditional recruiter. Victory Lap combines recruiting and talent development to provide both candidates and companies with an open, talent community coupled with proven talent development solutions for sales professionals. We are committed to empowering both candidates and employers to reach their potential by investing in skill development, enabling hiring, and fostering a better fit between candidate and company.


What jobs are typically sourced through Victory Lap?

Business Development Representative, Account Executive, and Account Manager jobs.


How many companies are in your network?

Over 70+ employers in the Chicagoland area, representing some of the most exciting entrepreneurial companies, and we are adding more weekly.


When do I get access to the employers?

You will get immediate access to our employers, once you have successfully completed the Victory Lap application and interview process and we jointly determine you ready to be a valuable asset to our company partners. Many candidates participate in one of our career readiness programs to improve their candidacy, including our BDR Certification Program, the Account Executive Accelerator and/or our Interview Readiness Workshop.


How selective is your process?

Historically, less than 15% of those who apply are accepted.


Do I need to have prior sales experience?

No. Roles like Business Development Representatives do not require prior sales experience, but in that case, we typically recommend attending one of our training programs.


How much cold-calling is required in entry-level roles?

While it varies by employer, a recent survey of our first 100+ Victory Lap alumni (entry-level) had the following response; 75% of these sales professionals said they spend less than 25% of their typical day cold-calling, and 43% spend almost no time cold-calling.


What are the core traits your employers are targeting?

Entrepreneurial minded, high integrity, tenacious, curious, and coachable professionals looking to drive revenue growth and customer success.


If I am experienced, qualified, and seeking a new job, do I need to enroll in training to access your employer network?

Most likely, no. After your interview process through Victory Lap, our talent team will determine the right next steps for you.


Is there a cost to the candidate to access your employer network or your training programs?

There is no cost to access the employer network. Some trainings are free, and others have a cost (but all training is optional). If there are costs, they are nominal, especially when considering the importance of your career, your compensation, and your happiness.


How does Victory Lap get paid?

Victory Lap is primarily paid by the employer when they hire our candidates. We also earn fees for the training and development we do for candidates and revenue producers at our employer partners.


Do the fees paid to Victory Lap affect the competitiveness of my offer?

The fees paid to Victory Lap by the employers are the “cost-of-doing-business". Meaning, the offer you receive from employers will be based on your market value and that particular company’s compensation philosophy.


What is the range of a typical offer received by your candidates?

Senior candidates offers range dramatically based on a series of factors, so please talk with a Victory Lap talent acquisition lead to get more information. Entry-level roles like Business Development Representatives are a little more predictable. The on-target-earnings (OTE) typically range between 45k to 70k for a first year BDR.  Salary ranges from 30k to 45k, in addition to commission and/or bonus.  


Who conducts your training and development?

Our co-founders Brian Bar and Mark Hancock, as well as some of the the best sales trainers, guest instructors, and career coaches in the Chicago area.


Where is Victory Lap located?

325 W. Huron St. Suite #401, Chicago, IL. 60654. Chicago’s River North Neighborhood.


What if I have more questions?

Please call us, as we would love to help.